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Paige…Senior pics Birmingham alabama

Someday’s are just special…special because you look forward to things you know will take place…like photographing the sister of one of my favorite past seniors. Or hanging out with one of the coolest family’s out there! Little did I know they would get to put up with me in the back seat the entire afternoon! LOL

Many moons ago Paige sat at the Mother Ship and commented that I would be her photographer in a few years for her senior pix…Friday was the end of that long wait for me. Paige is a smart, confident, gorgeous young woman. Her sense of fashion and shoes are to die for!

The Class of 14 also got just a bit more action in the excited to be heading to college dept! You Auburn fans need to watch out..Paige C. is headed your way! I gues I can be ok with that but do not tell her Auburn shirt loving dad;)

Lisa MarieIMG_7627IMG_7597IMG_7503IMG_7451IMG_7441IMG_7256

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