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18,262 days…. the Tindill’s 50th wedding anniversary

I get asked to cover some events..most of the time I can’t really fit into the schedule, but when I was asked by this beautiful family to cover the 50th wedding anniversary of Mrs. Maggie and Mr. Jim I knew this was a must do event. I knew being at this event would be emotional, and giving…as anytime I have worked with them has been.  I knew it would not be the people giving to the couple but just the reverse…..and just as I imagined…they did just that..they renewed their vows, but in that they were giving to those there to witness this event. Giving advice, love, smiles and hugs and a look into 18,262 days…but who is counting. Certainly not the couple…they want 1 million 18, 262 days together. They are that kind of love and that kind of couple. I know I missed a few shots simply because I too had tears of joy flowing behind the lens…matching those flowing on the other end:)Congrats Mr. and Mrs!!! So glad to have been present for a few days in those 18, 262 that mark heirloom moments in your lives!

Lisa Marie

Birmingham Alabama

Anna and Todd…engagement session on The Coosa River

One of the reasons I love senior portrait photography is that it plants the seeds of some of my favorite brides…I call it super photo client gardening.:)I love when a past client comes in and there truly is no discussion about the business end..simply how are we going to rock the wedding? Anna is one of those seniors from my garden;)We are about to ROCK out her cool wedding day this fall. Todd is a newcomer to the Lisa Marie took my picture clan and he HATES taking pictures…not a minor dislike but a HATE…so I hope after our fun day and these cool man fishing photos he is comfortable and knows I am going to take good care of him too! Enjoy these sneak peeks from a unique e-session! :)))) SO MUCH FUN!  Not many times have I not had fun in a boat:)LM

Brooke and Rayf.. Antebellum Home wedding Lay Lake

I once traveled to a plantation home in Louisiana named Oak Alley….one of my favorite photos of myself I have hanging in my home is taken on a porch there. I never dreamed one day I would have the chance to create some photographs on a a porch remotely similar..much less a replica. I did this weekend at the Little-Buchanan wedding. is located near Wilsonville Al. and it is an amzing venue for a wedding. The home is amazing and the opportunities for photographs around the grounds are endless. Never even made it to the barn and we had a cart and everything!!!

As pretty as the venue was the Bride and Groom were the cherry on top! We ran around that place, played, laughed and made fun out of a beautiful wedding weather day! It will forever live in my work memoirs as a favorite. Thank you so much for choosing my services and my style of photography Brooke and Rayf…and I can’t wait to one day long from now meet your little cool eyed children… ( these 2 have the coolest colored eyes you ever saw!)  Have fun poolside in Mexico….and Brooke don’t study too hard!;)


May 8, 2014 - 2:00 am

Kathy - Lisa,
These are amazing!!!! You are an amazing photographer, and we were truly blessed to have you photograph Brooke & Rayf’s wedding….can’t wait to see the rest of your amazing work!

Thanks so much,
Mother of the Bride

May 24, 2014 - 2:09 am

Gail - Beautiful pictures!! What a wonderful celebration of my Son and his Beautiful Bride!!!

Heather and Collin…engagement session at Tannehill State Park

Friday I played with a beautiful upcoming bride Heather and her handsome groom to be Collin. We went to the beautiful  Although the park has had some flood damage it was still a fun, and beautiful day and had lots to offer in spring time spots.

One of my favorite shot was the one with the cooler where the proposal took place:)their engagement story is a cute and clever one..and anything with a cooler is good with me. haha Looking forward to running around Southern Home and Garden in the Fall!

Lisa Marie

Lauren and Skyar..a barn wedding in Springville

Many years ago I had the great fortune of meeting a girl and eventually her family…the Bolton’s. I will forever cherish memories of her 8th grade photo shoot, her parents awesome restaurant where they were so kind to allow my son to have his signing day, and the day she sat across from me and said I was the only person she considered for her wedding day memories. I was touched then as I was Saturday seeing this young woman before me dressed and ready to begin this wonderful chapter of her life. Skylar and Lauren are off and running and I am sure the future holds many, many beautiful events and memories for them…and I want to be at every one of them!! ( for Mike I am purposely leaving out the Wiley-Rosa…but for me it’s one of my favorite tales my hubby tells and glad we are tied together with that memory too! LOL )

Thanks to Mountain View Ball R0om and Gardens for being such a great place to work…truly makes the day super easy when it runs so smooth.

Enjoy these sneak peeks….and thank you again Lauren for trusting me!

Lisa Marie

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