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Melissa and Ryan.. wedding at Briarwood Campus

When I was contacted about this wedding I remember distinctly the date. Friday the 13th. Now I am a person of faith, and I do understand that one should not buy into any hub-bub about the superstition that is connected to that date….but let’s be safe in saying that me and this particular date have history….not the good kind.

As we spoke and when we met I was so assured that this couple not only would never even consider this date as anything but perfect for them…I was reassured…. and I was blessed to be hired to be the person chosen the capture the memories that were present on this beautiful afternoon.

I did however have to overlook the fact that around 12am on 6-13-14 a Friday…me and that date had yet anther dance. It was not as bad as it could have been..there was pain and suffering still…but in the end I was reminded that God is in control and he had my back. And I had the distinct pleasure of spending the afternoon at a gorgeous wedding doing what I feel I do best…..capturing memories not being scared of a day on the calendar.

Lisa Marie






Maliegh and Blake…

Last weekend is being dubbed around here as the “Sip” special weekend. My Friday wedding was a couple from Birmingham who live in Mississippi, and the next day I was in Mississippi shooting:)

I remember when I met with this couple at my studio last year that they were not only a really great coupe but they communicated their wants and needs to me so well. I love going to capture a wedding and have a good amount of insight to what the couple wants. I love that I could hear around the edges that they were having a good time and that they were confident about our photography..but my most favorite besides the wedding favors..”homemade beer!” was the moment this couple saw each other…the tears, genuine tears of happiness and love were flowing and once I cleared my eyes behind the camera we were able to get those tears..none of which you will see here..somethings belong to the couple to share only if they want…but I did want to point out publicly that I was so touch by their love for each other! :))))

Enjoy your honeymoon!!

Lisa Marie


Love on the 50 yard line.. Chase and Lillie

Becoming a better photographer every single time I go out and shoot someone is something I profess to my students and lots of people who know me personally. I find it like have to try to out do your last performance and when you excel those around you…your teammates…feed off that and they too are better.

This weekend I had only a few short hours to recoup and regroup to out do the beautiful wedding I photographed Friday! I take my position as a photographer seriously with all my clients, but as I have stated before I am even more driven when it is someone who is a personal friend, and knows that they want me to whip up some photo “magic”  ; )  Chase and Lillie are dear to my heart, hometown friends, as well as personal friends of our family. So not only did I have the normal pressures, but my family who attended also under no uncertain terms expected me to perform at my best. SO on a beautiful Saturday, in a gorgeous town in Mississippi,  with a huge group of fun loving guys and gals, and my family watching,  I set off to document and create some phenom portraits of the newest Mr. and Mrs. Hughes. I will let the sneaks tell the story but I have to place a personal note here on the blog……pardon the cheese.;)

Chase, when I told you I was blessed to be there to see you get married it was not only on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. You are far from the 8th grader I first met, or the senior with the cool car for the football poster, or even the friend in the kitchen. You are now a grown man setting examples and being a leader to others as you always have but also in how to be in a dedicated God centered relationship. I am inspired as well by you and Lillie’s young love and I am thrilled to have been there to witness it and document it for you guys. I am truly grateful you had me and I look forward to watching you guys grow.

Ps. You warned me that I was going to go nutz when I saw your college town, and that my photography “eye” was going to go into overload…you were soooooo right! LOL Thanks also for introducing me to Oxford! God Bless you guys! Enjoy the Honeymoon!

Lisa Marie

May 18, 2014 - 10:44 pm

Sharon Hays - Love the photos. You did an excellent job capturing our town. Love love it.

May 19, 2014 - 1:18 pm

amie buckner - Thank you so much for doing Chase and Lillie’s wedding pictures.. Your are a very gifted person when capturing that perfect moment.. It was so nice meeting you as well. Fantastic job.. Lots of people use our place for pictures as well, you are welcome anytime to do so.. Thnks again, Byron and amie

May 23, 2014 - 5:10 pm

lisam - Thank you so much Amie! I had such a blast being there much less capturing the wedding!!! Looking forward to filling you guys up with beautiful wedding photos!

Mr. Kent…aka Superman…. Senior Portraits Birmingham Alabama

There are leaders in this world…it’s been said some are born and some are made. Mr. Kent most definitely was born that way but this young SUPER awesome man is on the road to being made one as well. He is headed to serve our country and I for certain feel comfortable knowing that a guy like him will have my back and defend our country with every inch of his bones. If he approaches a situation with the same skills he had on the gridiron I feel sorry for any enemy that gets in his way:)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nick via my hometown and in a small town you hear and see things…especially in our small town. I have never, not once, seen Nick with anything other than a smile and a hand opened to shake. He always looks you in the eye and he is an inspiration to young kids in our area…I know because my own son is one of those inspired. He is not perfect but I assure you he is a SUPER young Man! And I am so honored that he wanted Mrs. Lisa to handle his senior pictures:)I am truly truly honored! Looking forward to watching you grow even more Nick. God Bless and keep you safe!!

Lisa Marie


May 16, 2014 - 1:45 am

Rose Dunne - the photos are gorgeous but to reqad the comments from a photographer, i am not ashamed to admit that I cried, beautiful boy with wonderful parents………good job Kents, Auntie Rose

Jennie and Scott…Our Lady of Sorrows wedding..

Well the rain tried to get us down but little does Mother Nature know we will beat her down!:)SO this is a sneak peek to a wedding day that will be followed by a post with some super cool photos around town on a dry day. In the meantime enjoy these peeks at a beautiful couple with so many fun special touches throughout the day it was hard to narrow down a few sneaks.

Looking forward to playing in the streets with the new Mr. and Mrs. in a few more days.

Lisa Marie

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