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Meredith and Josh…the Gautney’s wedding in Trussville Al.

This wedding blog post has a little bit of everything.. tears of joy, crazy girls, sweet ringbearers, a beautiful bride and handsome groom, and all the extras to make for a fun wedding day. Ninja and I captured the wedding of one of Alabama’s best nurses and future smiling doctors!  The Gautney’s are the latest couple to get married at Holy Infant Catholic Church in Trussville and it was a beautiful day and PARTY atmosphere all evening. I can also say I have now photographed the largest family to date ever at a wedding..46 peeps! Whew! Those that know me or have had me wrangle big events would have laughed at my eyes as the group grew larger and larger…but hey we got it done!  Spent the evening watching the dance floor get lots of action as well. Congrats Meri and Josh!

Lisa M


Cup of sugar and the nosey neighbor…

I share with you my neighbor…the if you ever need a cup of sugar or want to know if the government has surveillance going on in your neighborhood just call her neighbor:)Only Becky will understand that but it is a funny.

On to the real post…and reason for this blog..sharing a beautiful family. I simple wish to share the love they share…and a beautiful poem with a reflection of the road they must travel.:)Thanks for calling me Becky….tell Madison I said Hey :))) LOL

Lisa Marie




Jon Fox…. quick little 9month session

I know with my own children time flies but dang some of these bride/friends I have are making my life go by like a speeding bullet! Just a few month ago..Valentine’s to be exact this little cutie was bald and had no teeth! Now he is sporting such pretty blond hair and teeth to chew on EVERYTHING! Literally…he tried to eat an heirloom blanket. haha

Enjoy a few little sneaks and looking forward to our 1 year soon..for me too soon.

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Photography Birmingham Al

Lisa Marie Photography Birmingham Al


Time out for a personal post.. Sports Photography

A few weeks back I decided to research a person/place that we could take Troy to get in a few lessons about wake boarding. For really no other reason than he loves it, we love riding and watching and no one in our boat knows a thing about water sports. Our family is really all things sports…and music ( Katie;)) My research led me to Mike’s Water Sports Lessons ( fb page found here Mikes Water Sports ) And we are so thankful it did!

Troy was super nervous because he had no idea what to expect and I kinda threw this on him as a surprise, so we went in knowing how to jump a wake and grind a wake ( all of which I am sure are not the proper terms..but I will learn!!) We left with him knowing 11 different tricks and seriously considering entering a tournament in the next few weeks. It was amazing how fast Mike was able to correct Troy’s self taught body posture and positions and had him doing things that were just super cool. He shared a ton of information and tips and honestly we could not absorb it all in one lesson! He went over beyond in many ways to be sure we both were learning and enjoying ourselves….who doesn’t enjoy being in a boat on the water!! LOL I enjoyed shooting and observing and hanging out with his lovely wife Kathy who inspired me to get back on learning how to drive a boat and get my license. I would love to go pull the kiddo in the afternoons if Dennis will let me have the keys to Eula.;)

I highly suggest to anyone out there young or old, new to the water and any kind of water sport ( heck even if you “think” you know what your doing) to invest wisely in a lesson or few with Mike. He really had a wealth of knowledge to share. His communication with the rider was so perfect..which to me is key to a good teacher. Someone can show you all day long how to do something, but when they can observe your body positions and effectively get you to manipulate what is natural to you I feel that is the key to a successful teacher and Mike Townsend is one!

I wish like anything there was someone wanting to pay me to sit in a boat all day and take actions shots of water sports…heck any sport really. I loved our afternoon with calm waters of Lake Tuscaloosa

Lisa Marie

Kayla and Roby….Capps Cove Wedding

In a little small town, down a long winding road, there is the quaintest of places…Capps Cove. I have had the pleasure of capturing 2 weddings there this year. I have not even chipped off the tip of the possibilities this place holds for beautiful photography. Add to that another happy, stunning, gorgeous bride, with a heart and a smile so big you want to know her secret. The whole combo just makes for a fun day!

When I met with Kayla many month ago she so kindly in a few short sentences let me know her photography was going to be most important to her. Yesterday while we were making some memories she said (maybe not quoted perfectly)  ” I don’t care about anything else because I know my photos are going to be amazing” What she does not know is how special those words are to me. It is probably one of the most endearing, kind things anyone could say to me. I am blessed by many kind compliments, and many special notes, and super awesome clients….but when a client looks you in the eye and says stuff like that…..well she had me at “amazing”;)lol I do not take my job lightly and at times I know I seem like a complete nut, but dang it….I love my job…. and the people who trust in me! I want to be sure they have the ability to revisit one of the best days of their lives and feel all the emotions that a photograph can bring. I hope we reached that mark today. Thank you Kayla…. and Roby…who was such a super nice guy and was willing to do whatever I asked…even take his hat off…several times. haha

Enjoy these sneak peeks

Lisa Marie

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