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C/0 XV Brooklyn..Pell City Senior

The thing I like best about shooting high school seniors is the fact that they are so different. They may have common bonds in clothes, music and the current things that are cool but each individual is so different. At least the seniors that seek me out are. I love getting to design sessions that reflect the personality of the person I am shooting. I don’t show up and try to push them through a mold so that they are just another session.

Brooklyn’s was exactly one of those…a challenge yet so fun! She has a hunter’s heart and a quiet inward spirit. I would think that combo will make for her some trophies in the near future! I am way to hyper to sit in the woods but when she and I made it to our chosen spot you could see she was in the world…her element…her happy place. I hope she sees these photographs we created together and feels that they are a complete reflection of her and not some stuffy ole senior pix:)  I enjoyed our adventure and I am proud to report I am tick free! LOL

Lisa Marie


SUMMER SPECIAL senior photography Birmingham Alabama

Looking to maybe get some senior portraits done summer and winter? Looking for a professional portraits to kick off your senior year? This special is where it’s at! Up to 2 hours shooting, location or studio or combo, up to 3 outfits and 25 high rez-edited images for you to download and print, share, or post! If you r looking for something simple and some stunning photos of your seniorness…call today to book an appointment!

Cokes, smiles, and blessings…and 50 years too!

This blog post may get a little long because I truly want to share how blessed I was yesterday by this beautiful family. I unfortunately was not dealt the type of family that has a long history of passed down stories with little and big things that have lasted generations and will continue to live on. I am not complaining, but I find myself absolutely in awe when I am surrounded by people with family history deep and long. I was asked to come “take a few ” family photos for Mr and Mrs Glass in honor of their 50th anniversary…and boy did this “job” turn into a blessing quickly!!!!

Some may find the stories of how he used to hang at her family’s store in a little corner of Alabama no big deal, or how they grew into relationship and married at the church across the street. How her sister still lives in the house she grew up in and the home they now share sits next to that church, and the very first house they ever built. By hand mind you with a LOT of Mr. Charles blood sweat and tears. People these days are so busy being involved in what they have, and don’t have, and what their “friends” are doing. I myself am guilty. Losing the simple joys of life like, yards filled with rambunctious boys that had go carts running like nascar, and a horse apple tree that still to this day bears fruit even though it leans a little…well ALOT, from all it’s years serving as third base. haha ( that was one of my favorite stories of the day)

Hearing these stories and photographing this couple who multiplied to 8 in the course of 50 years gave me such hope for my own marriage, family and traditions. Traditions that I take for granted. I was reminded that even though I may not have a long line of heirloom stories or places, I can be the creator of them, you have to start somewhere! As long as I hold fast to those memories that I sometimes find boring, or maybe “to old”, if I can only remind myself of the blessed time spent with Mrs. Elaine, and remember the pride in which she and Mr. Charles speak of the boys, and the families they have, the little town they love so much and helped along the way…I too can stay inspired, and one day if God sees fit, I too will have stories, love and family that is abundant!

Thank you so much for blessing me with your stories! I hope you find our little photo adventure a part of your family’s history  for years to come!

Lisa Marie

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Mr and Mrs photographs in birmingham alabama

I love when my early years clients return for photography. I get the chance to see how much the family has grown and how they are all dealing with the “real world” of life love and marriage…just like me. haha Rosie’s fam has been close to my heart for many years. Sunday it was time for her own beautiful mother to venture into marriage with the sweetest self written vows, promises spoken among church friends and family. It was a beautiful service on a hot gorgeous day in a rose garden. Recipe for beautiful photos and I am thankful I was there to witness it and capture a few memories.

Congrats Mr and Mrs Flowers:)I just love that name!!!!

Lisa Marie

July 3, 2014 - 3:45 pm

Rosie - LOVE love LOVE these!!!!! Thank you so much for documenting this beautiful day for us :)

Why yes I will have my cake..and eat it too!

Well the saying goes….Born today One tomorrow… Have your cake and eat it too…..let them eat cake… The last saying maybe not so much! I promise if you tried to grab that cake from Cora she would pull out a stick from the back pocket of her diaper and stab ya! She was VERY serious about her cake and I wish I could even closely describe the intensity in which she sucked the icing off her fingers! She made her Aunt Lisa Marie proud! LOL Enjoy these sneaks of our nearing 1 year old…born today…One tomorrow…it sure goes by quick!

Lisa Marie

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