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Mi Familia….family photos Birminghm Al.

So about, 180 lbs( between us all), a different season, 1 school and a lifetime ago I was able to get my family together for pictures on the beach. I vividly remember tricking the kids into “walking the beach looking for crabs” Fast forward¬† to 2013 and now Dennis and I ( with shorter hair) have changed a tad..from left to right we went from Jr SHS to Sophomore year Montevallo, kindergardener and Springville Tiger to 8th grade Westbrook Warrior, and Junior Year Bethel University Nursing school attendee! You know the drill…time flies while your having fun….and being blessed!!!

Due to some quick thinking between my awesome hubby… and a close friend whom I adore…. Thanksgiving found us at the beach for the 2nd year in a row to celebrate all those fuzzy I am thankful for feelings…at Thanksgiving. I am so very happy and thankful for our days together here and for Mark who allowed me to setup the shots while he created the photos I share here. Photo cred…Lisa Marie and Mark Leo.:)



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