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Melissa and Ryan.. wedding at Briarwood Campus

When I was contacted about this wedding I remember distinctly the date. Friday the 13th. Now I am a person of faith, and I do understand that one should not buy into any hub-bub about the superstition that is connected to that date….but let’s be safe in saying that me and this particular date have history….not the good kind.

As we spoke and when we met I was so assured that this couple not only would never even consider this date as anything but perfect for them…I was reassured…. and I was blessed to be hired to be the person chosen the capture the memories that were present on this beautiful afternoon.

I did however have to overlook the fact that around 12am on 6-13-14 a Friday…me and that date had yet anther dance. It was not as bad as it could have been..there was pain and suffering still…but in the end I was reminded that God is in control and he had my back. And I had the distinct pleasure of spending the afternoon at a gorgeous wedding doing what I feel I do best…..capturing memories not being scared of a day on the calendar.

Lisa Marie






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