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Maliegh and Blake…

Last weekend is being dubbed around here as the “Sip” special weekend. My Friday wedding was a couple from Birmingham who live in Mississippi, and the next day I was in Mississippi shooting:)

I remember when I met with this couple at my studio last year that they were not only a really great coupe but they communicated their wants and needs to me so well. I love going to capture a wedding and have a good amount of insight to what the couple wants. I love that I could hear around the edges that they were having a good time and that they were confident about our photography..but my most favorite besides the wedding favors..”homemade beer!” was the moment this couple saw each other…the tears, genuine tears of happiness and love were flowing and once I cleared my eyes behind the camera we were able to get those tears..none of which you will see here..somethings belong to the couple to share only if they want…but I did want to point out publicly that I was so touch by their love for each other! :))))

Enjoy your honeymoon!!

Lisa Marie


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