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Kristina and Ethan…wedding at Palisades Park Oneonta Al

In this day and age the idea of hometown support is different all around but for some of us it is the old school way of doing business. I like supporting those who live in my community and I can say with pride I am surrounded by those type of people. I have been supported by the Smith Family for YEARS! Going all the way back 6 years to Kristina/Jessica/and Brittney’s senior year.  I can remember when Mrs. Tina called to ask me to be Kristina’s senior photographer and I will never forget the pride I was filled with when Kris and Tina sat across from me to let me know she was getting married and I was taking her photos…no questions asked. I am humbled by your support for you hometown girl!!!!

Kristina comes from hard working people…but she has an extraordinary Mom who has a heart the size of Texas for her family. She worked so hard to personalize the wedding details, from the memory candles, the center pieces, the food, all the way to the cupcakes and wagon wheels. There were so many personal touches I feel certain I didn’t find them all…but I did try!!! Her hard work paid off to make for a beautiful wedding…add in the fact the venue was a bluff overlooking a beautiful spot in Alabama…the recipe was amazing! I had never been to I will certainly be making a trip back for some personal is a treasure!

Congratulations Kristina and Ethan and Kallie….and thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me be your professional photographer! Also for not accidentally falling off the cliff during our Noccalula falls Princess pic…your momma would have killed me! LOLOLOL

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