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From the porch…2nd installment…family portraits Bimrmingham Al.

family-portraits-in-birmingham-alabama--5family-portraits-in-birmingham-alabama--4family-portraits-in-birmingham-alabama--3family-portraits-in-birmingham-alabama--2family-portraits-in-birmingham-alabamaSO I am going through this “thing”, over the summer I realized that photographs got taken away from being at your “home sweet home” to having them done on location at  all these exotic places and locations… like the beach, the countryside…even downtown. I do love those type sessions but nothing compares to the ease and smiles you get from a family on the good old front porch. It doesn’t have to be fancy or exquisite or even decorated. For me it is where I sit and watch the world go by sometimes, and other times I like to have a cup of coffee and talk with God. So after all this thinking I have decided to push my families this year to have family portraits made on the “Porch” and you know what… I think they are digging it! After all it’s where you might, for the first time, shake the hand of your future son in law or daughter in law, it’s where to you peek out when the kids start driving, and anxiously wait for them to get home late at night, it’s where the light is always on:)..and it hold memories. Today it was my friends The Coleman’s day to have a seat, hug tight and invest in a memory that will hopefully last a lifetime…even when they decide that they might like a new front porch…it will always be one of the best porches cause the kids grew up there..mine included!;)

Lisa Marie

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