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Emily…class of 2014 Senior Pictures Birmingham Al.

Emily C happens to be… ( yea that rhymes) the sister of a real seriously, thoughtful, kind, and cool brother. Some time ago he came to me to hire me for his sisters senior photographs. Simple and fun enough to most BUT… you should know when reading this he was so excited to plan this that we sat for a good few minutes trying to figure out the “best way” to pull it off as a surprise. In the end it landed on a simple phonecall after she returned home from work…not as glamorous as we dreamed up, but not one second less exciting.   What I did not count on was the absolute shrill screaming that came through the phone and brought tears to my eyes…she was SO excited and I was so absolutely astonished that she would think that having me create her senior pictures would be a big deal:)She truly warmed my heart and I will forever be grateful that her “Bro” trusted me to do this for them and that she has that much confidence in my photography:)( little personal story but all truth) Thanks Em…and I am sorry I left ya to take off your shoes running down the street looking for my lost goods …LOLOLOL ( I laughed out loud about that on the way home…you have to laugh at yourself in life;))LM



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