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C/0 XV Brooklyn..Pell City Senior

The thing I like best about shooting high school seniors is the fact that they are so different. They may have common bonds in clothes, music and the current things that are cool but each individual is so different. At least the seniors that seek me out are. I love getting to design sessions that reflect the personality of the person I am shooting. I don’t show up and try to push them through a mold so that they are just another session.

Brooklyn’s was exactly one of those…a challenge yet so fun! She has a hunter’s heart and a quiet inward spirit. I would think that combo will make for her some trophies in the near future! I am way to hyper to sit in the woods but when she and I made it to our chosen spot you could see she was in the world…her element…her happy place. I hope she sees these photographs we created together and feels that they are a complete reflection of her and not some stuffy ole senior pix:)  I enjoyed our adventure and I am proud to report I am tick free! LOL

Lisa Marie


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