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Asha and Frank….Mountain View Gardens and Ballroom

Yesterday I had the pleasure of providing professional photography for a fun group of people! They were so deeply in love with each other, and so kind and giddy! It really made me take a step back and evaluate how special a day is when the group you choose to surround your big day with is as special as the special person you are going to marry.

I was recently asked by a potential client if I was a “fun” photographer…of course I like to think so…but maybe I needed to ask…”Well how fun is your wedding party?”  When the people you are spending an entire day of planning, little stresses and some hiccups are there to do nothing but make you laugh and have fun..well that might be the biggest concern you need to have and the pro is just there with the capability to capture those laughs, goof-offs, mess-ups, and the occasional unzipped pair of pants :))))) I hope that in the end I add to the fun…maybe not so much provide it…because yesterday for me was just a blast of fun, laughs, and sweet memories. SO when you see these sneaks please know I have plenty of the wanted artsy photos…these are a few of those sprinkled into the fun ones.:)


Mountain View Gardens and Ballroom

April 13, 2015 - 5:28 pm

Kat Hobson - I LOVE that you were part of their day! The pics I’ve seen are fabulous, & you were fun while you got them :) Thank you so much for the excellent attention to detail and the professionalism not stopping you from having a good time too!

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