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An awesome story..

Pardon the personal blog post… about 2 years ago this time of year… a sweet Mom contacted me about doing family pictures for her. It started as the normal consultation clothing, setting discussion, and turned into “Hey my kid and your kid go to school together..” as it turns out there was a taddddddd mix up on the Alexs and I feel through define intervention I was led to say to my Alex “Hey Alex..Morgan had a crush on you in Art!” As it turns out it was NOT my Alex whom the crush may or may not have occurred but it did give MY Alex the courage to approach a beautiful, smart, caring, and Godly young woman whom soon became his sweet heart.
Today I had the privilege of capturing this sweet spirit and preserving a bit of her senior year. She is very dear to our hearts around here and no matter where life may take them or her we will always have the bond of sharing a few crazy hours looking for fun places to “do pictures” with Mrs. Lisa:)
I truly think the world of you Morganza! And I look forward to taking your pictures for years to come….maybe by then I will get prom 2010 pics done!! hahahahahahaha
Mrs. Lisa:)

November 1, 2011 - 2:15 am

Morgan Coleman - Oh my goodness!!! These pictures are amazing!!! :) Thank you so much!! There are fabulous!!! I LOVE them! Your blog made me all teary-eyed!!! hahaha You mean so much to me too! I love all of you guys!! I sure do hope you will be taking pictures of me for years to come also!! :) Its so crazy how things work out! :) -Morgan:)

November 1, 2011 - 2:57 am

This Beautiful Woman's Boyfriend - i dont think i realize how dang lucky i am. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

November 1, 2011 - 4:28 pm

Her Daddy - You’ve done a great job with these pics Lisa!! Thank you for all you do!

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