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18,262 days…. the Tindill’s 50th wedding anniversary

I get asked to cover some events..most of the time I can’t really fit into the schedule, but when I was asked by this beautiful family to cover the 50th wedding anniversary of Mrs. Maggie and Mr. Jim I knew this was a must do event. I knew being at this event would be emotional, and giving…as anytime I have worked with them has been.  I knew it would not be the people giving to the couple but just the reverse…..and just as I imagined…they did just that..they renewed their vows, but in that they were giving to those there to witness this event. Giving advice, love, smiles and hugs and a look into 18,262 days…but who is counting. Certainly not the couple…they want 1 million 18, 262 days together. They are that kind of love and that kind of couple. I know I missed a few shots simply because I too had tears of joy flowing behind the lens…matching those flowing on the other end:)Congrats Mr. and Mrs!!! So glad to have been present for a few days in those 18, 262 that mark heirloom moments in your lives!

Lisa Marie

Birmingham Alabama

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