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Katie and Trey Huntsville Alabama wedding

When Katie contacted me about being her wedding photographer I was not only overjoyed but reminded of the importance that doing a good job creates the best kind of business. “Word of mouth” and trust. I am over joyed at her complete confidence that I would create and capture her wedding day in a manner she would be proud of for years to come.  I am also very proud to say that our paths crossed years ago, as a result of one of my sweet brides sharing my service with her. As a result of her kindness I have worked with many people whom I now have the pleasure of calling client/friends. Getting to catch up and see them at other family and friends events truly fills my heart with pride.  Thankful just is not enough of a word to truly express how I feel.

Hopefully these photos will give a peek inside the beautiful wedding day that we were blessed with….and it included a 15 year first for this photographer….SNOW!! ( We do not get that much in Alabama and normally it would postpone an event!)  Instead of writing an essay about all the things I want to share I will simply share these photos. They represent an amazing blessed day and the fact that God does indeed answer prayers…because as beautiful as snow is it can really mess up an event on a mountain side here in Alabama!




March 1, 2015 - 10:55 pm

Carmen Milligan - What beautiful photographs of this wonderfully sweet couple. I love how you used the snow to add special touches, but the the most marvelous things about these photos is the fact that you captured the love Trey and Katie have for one another. The perfect photographer for the beautiful day!

The Claytons…wedding in Gadsden Alabama

Courtney and Kevin had a beautiful wedding at Southside Baptist and a reception at The Pitman theater in Gadsden. Although Mother Nature may have tried to keep us hemmed up inside for the day, in the end we had the last laugh running around the streets of Gadsden playing in front of the theater and other fun spots.

Even though we didn’t get to go play in the fields and run around on the country roads like planned I think we got some fun stuff for them to remember all the great family and friends who were there to see the beginning of their journey as Mr and Mrs Clayton!

Hope your Honeymoon was full of sunshine!

Lisa Marie

SEN15Rs ..Anna for BCS

Rolling right along getting some senior c/o 2015 professional photos done! Spent a steamy afternoon with Ms. Anna D. She and our lil group went around a few new spots downtown and played with some her awesome clothes! Try as we might we did not find a random kayak like I had hoped but we did get a nice selection of photographs to commemorate her senior year! Pretty soon it will be May and you will be picking out which ones to use for announcements…remember to take it all in and enjoy every moment this year!

Lisa Marie



Whitley and Daniel…wed in Birmingham Alabama

It has taken a few days to gather my thoughts…and honestly the time I needed to properly blog about this beautiful touching wedding at St Mary’s on the southside

The bride is a young beautiful woman I have known since she was 5 to be factual. I had the pleasure of having her Mother as a client for many years when I did nails at  Resultz Day Spa for many years. My time as a nail tech gave me the ability to meet, know and make some of the most loyal friends I will ever have. Although we may not speak once a week like we did then I keep up with them and in this case when a wedding was planned I was given the honor to be the professional choice of photography.  I might add this task was an honor knowing Whitley’s father and husband to be have a photography back ground! WHEW talk about wanting to hit the mark! I hope she and her sweet Mother Alice are as proud of the day reflected in these photographs as I am. I teared up several times on this day for many reasons…old friends, loyalty, trust and seeing a 5yo girl experience life as a woman can do that to you…..and I am thankful!

Lisa Marie

August 6, 2014 - 7:58 pm

Alice Yeates - Oh My God, Lisa, They are beautiful and I so appreciate what you wrote on your blog. I love you and I am so proud and thankful you were our photographer at Whitley and Daniel’s Wedding. If this is a sneak preview of the photos to come, I am going to have to go to the store and buy more tissues. They are wonderful and I love you for what you did. Thank you, Thank you and I can not wait for Whitley and Daniel to see them.

August 20, 2014 - 8:39 am

Susan Schwartz - Lisa, what incredible pictures. Really really beautiful and classy!
Wow you are very good at your craft. Didn’t Whitley look stunning. So did Alice!
It was a beautiful wedding and your pictures will forever be a keepsake of many many wonderful memories for Whitley and Daniel. I can’t wait to see
The rest! You are the bomb lol. Put us on your list of future events.
Luv ya!!!!!

C/0 XV Brooklyn..Pell City Senior

The thing I like best about shooting high school seniors is the fact that they are so different. They may have common bonds in clothes, music and the current things that are cool but each individual is so different. At least the seniors that seek me out are. I love getting to design sessions that reflect the personality of the person I am shooting. I don’t show up and try to push them through a mold so that they are just another session.

Brooklyn’s was exactly one of those…a challenge yet so fun! She has a hunter’s heart and a quiet inward spirit. I would think that combo will make for her some trophies in the near future! I am way to hyper to sit in the woods but when she and I made it to our chosen spot you could see she was in the world…her element…her happy place. I hope she sees these photographs we created together and feels that they are a complete reflection of her and not some stuffy ole senior pix:)  I enjoyed our adventure and I am proud to report I am tick free! LOL

Lisa Marie


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