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Lauren and Skyar..a barn wedding in Springville

Many years ago I had the great fortune of meeting a girl and eventually her family…the Bolton’s. I will forever cherish memories of her 8th grade photo shoot, her parents awesome restaurant where they were so kind to allow my son to have his signing day, and the day she sat across from me and said I was the only person she considered for her wedding day memories. I was touched then as I was Saturday seeing this young woman before me dressed and ready to begin this wonderful chapter of her life. Skylar and Lauren are off and running and I am sure the future holds many, many beautiful events and memories for them…and I want to be at every one of them!! ( for Mike I am purposely leaving out the Wiley-Rosa…but for me it’s one of my favorite tales my hubby tells and glad we are tied together with that memory too! LOL )

Maliegh and Blake…engagement session birmingham al

Saturday was thankfully not rainy but a tad cold…have to take the good with the bad kind of day:)But there was much more good for sure! I got to know my upcoming wedding couple a little bit better through my lens and through walking around the University of Alabama at Birmingham where we walked around the couples memory lane. I love hearing about how people find each other and the things they do that make their relationship grow. I also love the feeling of knowing that although we have barely met that hanging out and creating photographs seems like “fun” and not a task….I am so thankful for clients that “get” me:)

Lauren..HTHS class of 2014..

As this years class of 2014 winds down I seem to be going out with a blast of cute, fun, easy laid back seniors! I love the excitement in the air of knowing that the session really is grabbing these last few minutes of senior year and capturing the spirit of these beautiful young women! Lauren is one of those gorgeous young ladies. She is one of those quiet beauties and she had some awesome outfits to play in. Lauren thank you for going along with my crazy ideas and for having me document this time in your life! Your future is very bright!

Alexis… senior portraits birmingham al

After a really nice little spring vacation I got to hang out with this super talented softball player, (Btw headed to college to play at the next level YIPEE!) It was a beautiful cold, windy Sunday afternoon and thankfully her gorgeous hair agreed with the wind most of the day.:)Here’s to May 2014..just around the corner! Congrats Alexis!

Lisa Marie


Jill and Joshua…. Arlington House and Garden

Sometimes it is best to just tell the whole truth….as so here it is…today found me heavy-hearted after some sad news about the loss of one of my sons friends. In my line of work I do not have the ability to decide that I might not be up to the task so I have to move on and do my job..even on days where happiness is hard to find in my mood or when emotions are on high alert.

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